Easy Halloween Skull Tutorial


Hello! TGIF! I am so excited to show you this tutorial. I have been so excited about Halloween this year and I think it is because I am back in the States where Halloween is a big deal.

How to Line your Lips with LipSense


Let just jump straight into this post. If you know me you know I am a liner girl. Whether the liner is prominent or matches my lip color I love lining my lips. So here is how I line my lips with LipSense.

Jeans & a Tee Four Ways with Las Vegas Bloggers


I am so excited about this post because I got to collaborate with some awesome bloggers. We decided to share how each of us wear jeans and a tee four ways. I loved this idea because each of us came in something different which reflected our own style

Dupe That


I love a good dupe and have rounded up some of my favorite dupes for fraction of the price!

Sunday Florals


I love floral dresses, I love wrap dresses and I have been loving maxi floral wrap dresses! These bold florals are the perfect piece for transitioning into fall.

Subtle Ombre Lips with LipSense


I have been loving like LOVING doing ombre lips with LipSense. Firstly, I love how the ombre stays put all day long and doesn’t eventually blend into one color. Even after you rub your lips together or eat your beautiful ombre stays put.



If you have seen my social posts lately you will have noticed I started distributing LipSense and I love it..the product and distributing. I got started because I would see my friend post about this lipstick stuff and she would kiss her little baby after just applying her liquid lipsticj and there would be NO kiss marks. I was like what I got to try this.

Love Swatch Share: MAC Velvet Teddy


Hello lovely readers! So, I thought I would start a new post segment every Monday. You know I love lipstick and honestly, I feel like I don’t really do a good of a job sharing what lipstick I am obsessing over or why. Also, I have been wanting to tie in my Beauty Swatch Card account with my blog and I thought this would be perfect. So, every Monday I will have a Love Swatch Share post featuring a lipstick that I love. So for today’s post I am featuring…

Recent Purchases


I wanted to share links to my recent purchases that I have shared over on Snapchat (stephievanneste). Lets start with today’s snaps of my Nordstroms Rack order.

Chic Links- Forever 21


Hey Raw Edit readers! I wanted to share some Chic Links with you from Forever 21. I was on their website the other day and bought a couple things and wanted to let you know what I am loving in case you love it too. And you know how Forever 21 can be…like finding a needle in a haystack. So after spending hours on their website here are my favorite pieces. Let me know what you think in the comments in the post. XO Stephie