How I Keep My Blonde Looking Fresh


If there is one thing I love, I love being a blonde. I have tried other hair colors before like red, brown and recently pink but blonde just looks the best and feels the best (and is the best :-)). And I love the fact that blondes have their own special products. Blondes just need special attention.

When I was working at Hair House Warehouse (HHWH), “how to keep my blonde looking fresh” was the number one question/ concern people had when they came in to the store. So I thought I’d share what I do and how I do it when it comes to all things blonde.

Firstly, I like a warm blonde. Earlier this year I had my hair done and they put a violet ash toner through my hair and I freaking hated it! It cooled my hair right down and I thought it made it look dull and darker. Some liked it but I absolutely hated it and tried to wash it out as fast as they put it in. I like a warm tone for my hair which has more golden peanut butter shades think Blake Lively where as your cooler blonde shades have more of a white platinum or ash look. See example pic belowScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 8.12.41 PM

Anyways, I get my hair done about every 6 weeks and I don’t have any low lights just blonde foils with 10% volume on the back and 20% volume in the front. Also, I just get the roots done and do not take the bleach to the ends to help preserve the health of my hair. Because I don’t have a toner put through my hair after I get it done I like to use a really strong purple shampoo like this Alfa Parf Never Brass shampoo to help neutralize any yellow tones, as that’s the underlying tone from the bleach.

fresh blonde

This is a really strong purple shampoo comparable to Fudge’s Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo. After I use this one or two times I maintain my color with Make Blonde shampoo and conditioner. So this purple shampoo is not as strong as the Alfa Parf but keeps the yellow at bay.

My sister-in-law recently went blonde from light brown with dark brown low lights and her hair was throwing a bit of yellow/orange/brass color so Roland brought home CPR’s purple range and she really liked that on her hair. As you can see this range has more of a blueish hue which helps neutralize more of that orangish tinge. I tried the purple treatment and it is a really strong purple as well I just prefer the Alfa Parf.freshblode

Lastly, I just want to say the downside of a really good strong toning purple shampoo is they can be drying and not ideal for your everyday shampoo. So what I like to do to add moisture back into the hair is use a really good treatment like Wella’s SP Luxe Oil treatment or switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Before I left Aus I was using Alfa Parf’s moisturizing range- the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in-conditioner.

One more thing- if you’re looking for a good everyday purple shampoo that is going to tone and not be to harsh Make is really great one, L’oreal Shine Blonde, Davroe, De Lorenzo I found to be more on the drying side as it more of a stronger purple



Jacarandas JacarandasJacarandas Jacarandas Jacarandas Jacarandas Jacarandas

JacarandasJacarandas JacarandasJacarandas Jacarandas

Top: Bardot | Culottes: Country Road old (also seen here and here on one of my first outfit posts) | Shoes: County Road (seen here) | Lipstick: Rimmel London #16 | Sunglass: Westward Leaning

I love this top as it totally reminds me of this gorgeous Self Portrait lacey top I’ve been obsessing over. However, I have to obsess from a far as they are a bit pricey but their lace and crochet pieces are so beautiful. If you check out their Instagram you will be obsessing too.

So, I got this top from Bardot right before we left Australia as I had a credit note I wanted to use before it went to waste and when I saw this top I was omg! this top is a fraction of the price and it’s an awesome dupe!! I love finding fashion dupes, however, my best fashion dupe is the Anthro dress I found at Dotti which is an identical match (which you can see here).

Okay, so Bardot has a lot of cute lace tops out at the moment. This particular top comes in black which looks killer too. I love this black little number from Bardot, I actually love the whole outfit, the slit on the skirt they pair it with is a bit high for my liking but you get the gist. When I was at Bardot I tried on this top and it was actually really cute. A lot cuter then what I thought it was going to be. I paired it with this skirt which is a super duper cute skirt and looks amazing on. If you click on the skirt the top they pair it with is smokin. I wouldn’t wear it with just a bralet but I like the idea of a lacey top paired with it and the models makeup is super sexy. Okay, last one but this is another cute lacey top!!! Like I said they have a lot of cute tops at the moment. Someone save my wallet.

Lastly, I just wanted to say I tried pairing this top with a white cap sleeve underneath and it did not look good at all. The white underneath shirt diluted all the lace details and the top was not as prominent. So I wouldn’t recommend wearing white underneath whether its a singlet, bralet, etc. When I was at Jenny’s house I saw she had this nude skin tight cap sleeve tee and it is the best underneath shirt ever! I just text her and she said she got it from Downside East Basics. I think its this tee!

Alright everyone I hope you are having an awesome day. If you find any fashion dupes you will have to let me know! Xoxo Stephie

Ps. below is my snap of all the beautiful Jacaranda trees on my sisters street which made me think of Australia as they bloom every October. I love these beautiful trees as they’re so vibrant and gorgeous and Jenny’s street was full of them.

Pss. Not sure how to use Snapchat well you’re in luck as I wrote a how to here! Also if you want to be snap buddies my username is (stephievanneste).

How to use Snapchat


Alright, so hands down Snapchat is my favorite social platform and not because it is the flavor of the month but because it is so easy and fun to use. So, I thought I would share how I use Snapchat for my blog and some general how to’s for all those who are new or unfamiliar with Snapchat. Hopefully by the end of this post we can be snap buddies.

Firstly, it’t my favorite way to communicate with my followers and share real time interactions. Also, it gives my readers a chance to get to know me besides some girl behind a computer screen or phone. But my favorite thing about Snapchat is that it is instant, I don’t have to edit or do a million things before it is live and ready for anyone to view.

Unlike, Instagram I don’t have to write a clever caption, tag brands, write a million hashtags, resize the photo to a perfect square, worry if it is going to get more then 10 likes or any comments, add filters so it fits in with my feeds theme (which I don’t do) or plan ahead so all my photos mesh together. Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram but for all those reasons I don’t like it as much. Maybe I am just horrible at it so thats why I don’t love it as much. When it comes to Instagram I rather be the stalker 😉

So, what is Snapchat?

Snapchat is another social sharing application where you can send one-off 10 second or shorter photos or video’s to your snap friends. Yes, you can replay snaps or take a screenshot but it does notify the sender if you replayed and/ or took a screenshot. You can add your photos and videos to your story which is available for everyone to view for 24 hours and can be viewed numerous times (you can change your settings so just friends can view your story).

How I setup my Snapchat

Firstly, I customized my snapcode which is located in the center of your profile screen, found by tapping  in the upper center of the Camera Screen. Snapcode is a scannable code that makes finding me and adding me a lot easier because not everyone will know my username. Every account has a unique snapcode I just chose to personalize mine with a cute selfie ;-). Secondly, I changed my settings so everyone can view my story not just my snap friends.

Snapcode is important!

Firstly, you will want to save to your snapcode to your photo library so you can share it with everyone so more people can find you and follow you. This will allow other snap chatters to snap or screenshot your snapcode to add you without knowing your username or having to type it in. Not sure where to share your snapcode heres a quick list:

How to use snapchat

^^My Snapcode^^

1. Instagram- Although you may have your Snapchat username in the profile section some people might not see it and it’s easier for someone to open their app and snap your snapcode where it automatically adds you instead of trying to remember your username to add.  So for instance I shared my snapcode on my Instagram account here, so now anyone who views my insta and wants to be snap buddies can snap or screen shot that picture to add me.

2. Blog forms- I am part of a few blogging network groups where admins will have social media shoutout days where you can share your social links for other bloggers to follow you. When they have a snapchat share day you can upload your snapcode in the comments so everyone in the thread can scroll down and see your snapcode to add instead of typing everyones username. Its all about convenience and quicker ways to do things.

3. Facebook- your personal Facebook page and/ or your blogs Facebook page

4. On your blog- I haven’t done this yet but I want to add my snapcode to my blogs sideabr so when anyone lands on my blog they can add me via snapcode. Unlike other socials Snapchat doesn’t have an icon with a direct link where people can click to take you to your homepage to add.

5. Meeting new people- When you’re out and about and meeting new people you can open your camera roll to share your snapcode. Similar to when you open up Instagram to show people your feed for them to follow.

How to use Snapchat

Snapchat is so easy to use but here’s the gist- to take a photo snap, just tap the circle icon at the bottom once! To record a video snap, press and hold the circle icon. To send a snap tap the arrow icon > and select the friends you want to share your snap with!  Its that easy, however, to get you totally familiar lets just run through the icons.


(Photo taken from Snapchat’s website)

1. Tap to discard your snap.

2. Tap to see emoji stickers you can add to your snap.

3. Tap to add a caption! Tap again to super-size your caption. You can also press and hold and drag your finger across the screen to move your caption around!

4. Tap to doodle on your snap! Tap the slider to pick a color, and use your finger to draw on the snap. If you make a mistake, no problem! Simply tap the Undo arrow.

5. Tap to choose how long friends can view your snap! But remember — a friend can always replay your snap, or take a screenshot to save a copy.

6. Tap to save your snap to your camera roll.

7. Tap to instantly add a snap to your daily story.

8. Tap when you’re finished to send your snap to friends! Tap the names of the snapchatters you want to send your snap to then tap > to send 😊

Snapcaht filters & lenses

I LOVE the snapchat filters and lenses. It’s such  fun way to jazz up your snaps and add a personal touch. Firstly, I think they are hilarious and secondly, some of the filters and lenses make my skin look amazing (gotta love that) and thirdly you can do a lot of cool stuff.

After you take a Snap, swipe right or left on the preview screen to add colored filters, the current time, local weather, speed overlays or Geofilters to your Snaps. Geofilters are cool because it’s a filter based on your location i.e. because I’m in Vegas I can add a cool overlay that shows Im in Vegas. You will need to enable your location settings though to use this filter.

To view lenses go to the camera screen in snapchat and press and hold on a face! All the lens options will appear below where you can swipe left to select the lens you want. You can take a picture or video using a lens.

How to use Snapchat

^^I took a photo snap and used geofilter and a lens^^

What to Snap

I snap everything and I love to tell a story when I go out so it can seem like my readers are right there with me. However, I made a list of some things I have snaped or love to snap.

1. When a post goes live, updates and sneak peeks

2. Awesome sales i.e. I snapped a Revlon Lipstick I love and the next day in the junk mail I saw it on sale at a certain store so snapped the promotion so I could share with all my readers

3. How I get ready, favorite products, recent purchases and reviews

4. I used to take tones with little bob our cute toy poodle and my cute little nephew Brandon

5. Fitness

6. Getting ready to do a post, going shopping, finding awesome things


8. Old pictures of me I see around my moms house

9. Usually every time I go out

10. Q & A

Alright this concludes my Snapchat how-to 😉 I hope you enjoyed this post and now are a bit more familiar with Snapchat or at least gave you some ideas. If you want to be snap buddies you can snap me by snapcode above or by username which is my name (stephievanneste).

LA Dodgers


LA DodgersLA Dodgers2LA Dodgers6LA Dodgers3^^Gettin my Dodger Dog on ^^LA Dodgers4

^^Jenny & Andrew^^LA Dodgers1

I can’t believe we have been in the States for over two weeks as it feels like we have been here way longer. When we first got to LA we stayed with Jenny and Andrew for a few days to hang out and do all the tourist things I love doing. I love being a tourist and exploring all the things there is to see and soaking it all in whilst eating everything yummy. I feel like every time I venture out I need a treat but I am working on that because I have a major snacking problem that is not helping my already big bum. Every time I say this I get the same ol eye rolls and comments “but your already skinny”. Yeah I’m small framed and have a really small waist but I am the definition of skinny fat. I am not even kidding I can’t fit into some of my clothes that I used to like a year ago or even six months ago and its literally depressing. I’ve been meaning to do a snap on my weight and diet plan and where I put on weight as I am really getting side track from my post but good news is I started my diet on Monday and its now Tuesday and its going awesome, well as awesome as a diet can go. But starting is the hardest part but more on this topic later.

There was so much I wanted to do in LA but I didn’t get a chance to do this time. I love LA and love playing around in the city. I made a list below of my favorite things to do in LA and things I still want to do. However, I can check going to a Dodgers game off the list.  I thought since Rory just got to the states there is noting more American then going to a baseball game and getting an awesome hot dog. Okay so I am not one for watching sports but I do love going to live games–there’s the food, we already discussed I’m all about the food but the atmosphere, the crowds energy, the band and it is just way more fun and exciting going to game. So yeah I like going games but I never watch them at home. I am probably every sports fan worst nightmare. Oh well. Alrighty here is my best of LA list.

1. Santa Monica Pier- I love the pier and I always end up going there on most trips. Also its the end of Route 66 😉

2. Climbing up to the Hollywood sign- We have been to Hollywood before but we haven’t climbed the sign. I haven’t been to Hollywood in years and want to go again just to go but we didn’t get to this time.

3. The Huntington Library and Gardens- I didn’t go this last time I went to LA but if you love pretty gardens and art you will love it here.

4. The Getty Villa- I loved this place! If you go you have to do their tours. They are free and so worth it as you learn so much more and all these cool interesting facts.

5. The Flower District

6. I am obsessed with Lemonade so I love going to LA Lemonade. They have delicious food and of course awesome lemonade.

7. Venice- I haven’t been to Venice in awhile and I really wanted to go explore their canals but we ran out of time. Next time though!

8. Disneyland- I love Disneyland and haven’t been there since high school. We definitely want to go but we might till we settle in for a bit then go back out.

9. A live sports game- I love going to basketball games. The first date Rory ever took me on was to b-ball game. It was the Chicago Bulls vs the Utah Jazz

10. Drive up to Malibu

11. Diddy Riese- which is right near the UCLA campus and has awesome ice cream sandwiches.

I mean there is so much more- I went last year when DVF had her awesome museum for Journey of a Dress, one night we went to Venice where they had like 30 food trucks and we just ate non stop (now that was awesome) but I love LA and I haven’t even really talked about the food or shopping. I did a snapchat story when we went to the game but didn’t save all of it. Here is just a little clip.

To see my real time, day-to-day snaps you can follow me by adding my username (stephievanneste)


Silver Glitter Kicks


Sliver Glitter KicksSliver Glitter KicksSilver Glitter Kicks5Silver Glitter Kicks3Sliver Glitter KicksSilver Glitter Kicks4Dress: Little Party Dress c/0 | Shoes: Holster c/o

I know I have been totally m.i.a lately on my blog but in my defense we have just moved countries. I have been so slack, I don’t even know if I got around to telling you. So we moved from Australia to the States and we will be in Las Vegas where my parents live for a bit. We don’t have any solid plans but going to stay in Vegas till we can get settled. But long story short Rory got his visa for his green card and we basically had 6 weeks to pick up everything and move and omg it was so stressful, more stressful then I thought or we anticipated. It was a really bittersweet time as we LOVE Australia and I LOVE LOVE his family. I am not just saying this because they might read my blog but I am truly blessed with awesome in-laws. Okay my mother-in-law can be a spaz at times…JK. But yeah it was really hard to say goodbye. If you follow me on Snapchat (stephievanneste) you would have known all my snaps were filled with my two of my favorite little boys Bobster and Brandon. I love those little guys and that was really hard to say goodbye because I don’t know if they even knew what was going on. Well Bob for sure but lucky for me, with modern day technology I get to see Brandon’s cute face almost everyday and that makes me smile.

Anyways, while we are playing in LA I am trying to catch up on all my blog posts I have been meaning to post. Here is my second look from Little Party Dress (here’s the first look). I literally wore this dress on repeat while packing up our stuff to get ready for our big move. This dress is just so comfy and versatile. However, I loved wearing it down with these Holster silver glitter kicks while I ran errands and got stuff sorted as most of my wardrobe was packed in suitcases. I have been seeing so many brands come out with silver sneakers and I loved all the cute outfits Nikki Parkinson, from Styling You, wore with her cute sliver kicks so I was thrilled to get a pair from Holster.

Thanks for stopping bye! Xo Steph


Little Party Dress


Little Party Dress Little Party Dress Little Party Dress Little Party Dress Little Party Dress Little Party Dress

Dress: Little Party Dress c/o | Shoes: Wittner Shary Flats | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I am so excited to have teamed up with Kel from Little Party Dress (LPD). Kel quit her day job to create her dream job when she started Little Party Dress a few years ago. And I love that! I love that she is chasing her dreams and doing what she loves.

So LPD is your one stop shop- you have a wedding, a party, an event, a get together, or you simply just want a new dress then LPD has your back and it is so affordably too so you don’t really feel bad picking up one, two or three dresses in my case. But that was easy to do as I would pick a dress over jeans any day.

But yeah I have three looks to share with you from LPD and I can’t wait to show you. For todays look I’m sharing this really cute pin strip shirt dress. We all know I love a really shirt dress but I love how it has that boyfriend shirt feel but with a belt to show off my waist. And I added a few feminine touches like a pink bag and lace up flats.

I hope you enjoyed my OOTD! Xo Stephie

Review Australia


Review Australia Review Australia Review Australia Review AustraliaReview Australia Review Australia Review Australia Review AustraliaReview Australia: Top & Skirt c/o | Shoes: Spendless Shoes c/o

I am so excited about this outfit. Y’all know I love high waisted things especially a high waisted skirt and Review make some super cute skirts. Remember this bad boy. Yup super cute. They make other really cute things like this dress I wore to Boyds wedding. I think I like high waisted because I have a really small waist compared to my large bootay.

By the way I’m writing this whole post with my horrible southern accent. I got addicted to watching Nashville and now all I do is Netflix and chill. I’ve never been much of a country music fan but the music in Nashville is actually really good and I love Rayna James, one of the main actresses. One of the things I want to do when I get back to the states is go to the South. If you’ve been you have to let me know what to do, see and eat. I’m all about the food. Ugh and the other thing I need to do asap is go on a diet. I’ve been eating so bad lately but it’s been so good but not that good. I do love when I am eating healthy and working out but will pick that up when I am not trying to move to another country.

Also, I just want to say thanks to Dee who took all these beautiful photos. So Dee and I go to church together and I had her come over one day for a girls day where we curled hair, did makeup, talked products, had food and had a really good time together. Dee asked if I could help her out with a shoot for her website (it’s not live but you can check out her Facebook), maybe you remember this snap I shared wearing a gorgeous floral crown, yeah that shoot. So I asked if she would snap a few pics of some of my favorite outfits lately to share with y’all! :-)

Hope you enjoy! Xo Stephie

Vanneste Wedding


This past Sunday was Boyd & Rachel’s wedding. Boyd is Rory’s youngest brother and all the Vanneste boys are so handsome. I may be completely bias though. Anyways, I thought I would share this special day with you as I had a killer dress to show for it. Vanneste WeddingVanneste Wedding^^Boydie with all his groomsmen takin a classic selfie^^Vanneste Wedding^^This is Roland and Sandra, the in laws and Sandra’s parents, so Nanie and Pop. I love them all so much.^^Vanneste Wedding^^Oh and this little handsome fella is Brandon my cute Nephew! If you follow me on Snapchat (stephievanneste) you have probably seen a million snaps and me and B.^^
Vanneste Wedding ^^Handsome Boyd, watching Rachel walk down the isle.^^Vanneste WeddingVanneste Wedding^^Ancia, my sister-in-law is a professional cake maker and owns The Sweet Spot and she made their beautiful wedding cake. Remember that beautiful lip cake she made me :-) ^^
Vanneste Wedding^^Ancia, Sandra and Nanie. Three generations of awesomeness^^Vanneste Wedding

Dress: Review Australia c/o | Shoes: Valentino

Alrighty, now on to me because everything is all about me. 😉 I received this beautiful dress from Review and thought this would be the perfect occasion to wear it. This full lace dress is even prettier in person and I got compliments all night long on this dress. The fit of the dress is perfect. I have a small chest and waist and a big huge bum and it was nice and fitted around my chest  but not to tight around my bum. I didn’t want to take away from the dress so I kept everything else pretty simple. I wore my wedding ring, considering the occasion as normally I just wear the band and simple diamond studs. I got the Valentino’s out as they went perfect with this dress but those shoes are so hot they are perfect with anything.

And I was having an awesome hair day until the rain started to ruin everyones life. So, if you are wondering what happened to my hair and why it was a frizz ball, thats because it rained during the whole ceremony. To be honest I am actually surprised my hair looks as good as it did after getting soaked as usually it is literally a hot mess. Vanneste Wedding Vanneste Wedding^^Totally sucking in right here^^Vanneste Wedding Vanneste Wedding ^^Hello pretties^^Vanneste WeddingVanneste Wedding ^^Lucky everything else was on point to distract from that frizz^^Vanneste WeddingVanneste Wedding Vanneste Wedding Vanneste WeddingVanneste Wedding ^^Me and Roland^^Vanneste Wedding

I thought I would share my Snapchat (stephievanneste) diary of the day. I was snap chatting away till my phone died. I honestly have the worst phone on the planet as it has a battery life span of an hour. It’s so annoying and completely frustrating!!!

Vanneste Wedding ^^My favorite photo from the wedding. I love him way to much!^^

Congrats Boyd & Rachel!



If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my Rosewood hair I posted the other day. I have been meaning to write a post about it and how I go about putting it in my hair so here it is. Yay!Rosewood

Firstly, you need pre-lighten hair as the Rosewood is just a shampoo that sits on the outside of the cuticle– so great for blondes, highlighted hair or if the ends of your hair are light.

I wash my hair first with my normal shampoo to clean my scalp and open the cuticles. When I put the Rosewood in I don’t usually hop in the shower but tip my head over the bath as when I finish washing I towel dry it off. I don’t want my hair dripping wet when I apply the Rosewood.Rosewood3

^^Don’t mind the blurry pics, I snapped them from my phone and obviously have a shaky hand^^

I put a couple of pumps into my hands and emulsify to breakup the molecules before I apply to my hair. I like to do this instead of just blobbing it onto my head to avoid my hair looking patchy. I then shampoo the Rosewood into my hair starting at my ends and work my up. I love how the product just randomly grabs to the lighter bits and takes where it wants to take. I leave the product on for at least 15 minutes before I rinse out.Rosewood

To enhance the color’s vibrancy I condition with Nak’s Rosewood conditioner. After I rinse out the shampoo I towel dry my hair and then condition. I leave the conditioner on for about 30 or so minutes before rinsing.

That’s it really–easy peasy! Unfortunately, because it’s a temporary color it washes out in a couple washes or if your go swimming say bye bye beautiful Rosewood, which is a bummer as it’s a hard color to maintain.Rosewood5

I get so many compliments on the color. Its like I will go without it for awhile or it has faded and then ill put it in again and the compliments will start coming in. Because it has a light purple hue in it I noticed it cleaned up my blonde a bit too, bonus.Rosewood


Okay, so I must admit I was originally getting ready to share a lipstick of the week but my hair turned out really awesome and the lighting in my beauty room (aka laundry room which I shared in this post) is really good and captured the Rosewood really nicely so I just rolled with it. But I got a lot of compliments on my makeup so I thought I would share what’s up.

So the lipstick I’m wearing is Loreal #703 Ode Obsession which is a really pretty darkish brown which if you’ve noticed Ive been into darker shades.

My eyes are a favorite look and a couple of my fave MAC colors. I can’t remember the brown eyeshadow but its just a soft brown to define the crease, I think Cork. I layered Club (fave) in the crease on top of the brown and blended. I highlighted the inner corner and brow bone with Phloof (fave) and tight lined with Smudge.

Enjoy! XoXo Stephie

Snapchat Diary


Happy Monday! So I have been addicted to snapchat lately. Rory logged my out last year and I couldn’t remember my password and I never logged back in for months but all my family and friends were like do you get my snap did you get my snap? So long story short I reset my password and now I’m addicted again. Brandon, my cute little nephew, and I will sit on the couch and go through all the faces a million times each. It’s hilarious! Anyways, if you want to stay in the loop, get all latest gossip, see all my crazy faces and get ready with me in the morning you can find me by adding my username which is stephievanneste.

Below are a few of my recent snaps! :-) 😱💋 Happy Snapping!!!