Love Swatch Share: MAC Velvet Teddy


Hello lovely readers! So, I thought I would start a new post segment every Monday. You know I love lipstick and honestly, I feel like I don’t really do a good of a job sharing what lipstick I am obsessing over or why. Also, I have been wanting to tie in my Beauty Swatch Card account with my blog and I thought this would be perfect. So, every Monday I will have a Love Swatch Share post featuring a lipstick that I love. So for today’s post I am featuring…

Recent Purchases


I wanted to share links to my recent purchases that I have shared over on Snapchat (stephievanneste). Lets start with today’s snaps of my Nordstroms Rack order.

Chic Links- Forever 21


Hey Raw Edit readers! I wanted to share some Chic Links with you from Forever 21. I was on their website the other day and bought a couple things and wanted to let you know what I am loving in case you love it too. And you know how Forever 21 can be…like finding a needle in a haystack. So after spending hours on their website here are my favorite pieces. Let me know what you think in the comments in the post. XO Stephie

Mod Bod


I love basic fitted tees. It’s important to have the basics right but sometimes I just don’t invest in getting basics first. Why do I do this to myself!

Ann Taylor Cream Dress


One of my favorite stores to shop at is is Ann Taylor! Whenever I want a new dress I always go to AT because usually I will find something really cute…

Dainty Jewells


I am so excited to feature Dainty Jewells on my blog and share this pretty in pink gingham dress. Dainty Jewells is known for their large selection of modest apparel. Even when it comes time to choosing bridesmaids dresses they have an array of different styles and sizes that are just as beautiful and unique as their everyday wear, like this one in blush…

Sunday’s Best


Hello!!! I thought I would do a quick mini post because I received so many lovely comments and enquires about the outfit I wore yesterday. I linked different products that are similar so you could shop and recreate my look.

Summer Whites


I thought I would share a round up of some of my favorite white on white looks I’ve worn on the blog. I love wearing white especially during the summer months…

Banana Review


So this outfit turned out way cuter then what I had thought. If you remember Tuesday’s post I said I wanted to feature this skirt again as I love it and Jen had bought me this Banana shirt and I thought it might look cute together but I wasn’t sure how it was all going to mesh together. Well it’s safe to say this combo is super cute